Delphi ArtNet DMX support...?

Hi all.

I have a question regarding ArtNet DMX usage… is there any available implementations for Delphi for this, as @joreg did for the OSC parser…?

I was searching over net and seems like there’s nothing about artnet and delphi support… :/



oui, out now:

Well, I think that the comment is not even needed.

Thanks… Again… I guess? :))

You’re the best, Joreg!!!

Will dig into this docs, and be back in touch in a while. Thanks!!!

Just to update…

after a while I have up trying to figure out on what is still necessary to do with the form to send ArtNet from it… I just have no idea where to provide those two units, and even though you wrote that it’s “quite self-explanatory”, I’m far from good enough to understand that… :(

If you’ll have any extra time to help me figure yet this one out, please contact me. I’d be glad to buy/donate the whole working version from you, because it’s the only puzzle missing from my “little beast” to start making lightshow and get my grade from it. :)

hei piqui, please start an issue here: if you need further help regarding the delphiartnet stuff.