Deleting the 'out edge' polylines

Hi Everybody :)

I need help, I need to delete the parts of the polylines out of the circle, in the image i linked here. Now how can i delete tese parts of polylines? i thought these solutions: 1 - make the circle a MASK that makes alpha all of that’s out of it. 2 - export just the circle and the inner polylines.
I realy don’t know how can i do. Thanks to all :) (see the image linked)

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Just set background color to that of the circle, make your lines, then make a gridsegment with inner radius set to something and outer radius set so it is bigger than the renderer

Something like this

CircleMaskExample.v4p (11.2 kB)

yes, i understood, but i’m working with SVG elements, the polylines and the circle (actually, the circle is a quad with ‘corner sadius’ at 1 value)so grid elements don’t work, but if there was some other node that can modify the view box (from quad to circle) it would be wonderfull :) Any ideas?

same technique for SVG

CircleMaskExampleSVG.v4p (8.2 kB)

yes, BUT over the circle i need ALPHA, not white, in order to delete the parts of the polylines out of the circle edge. It is possible?

have you seen the patch? the circle color is the background color of the patch, the circle in the patch create the mask… there are no lines outside the “circle” since the circle is the mask. or am I not getting it.

try sharing your original patch, then it might be easier to understand

I wish delete the outer parts of the polylines, in order to export a PNG with alpha around the circle and the with ploylines INSIDE the circle. So i need to if it’s possible:
1 - put the polylines INSIDE the circle and not over it
2 - modify the SHAPE of the view box from quad to CIRCLE
I link to you the logo that i wish to export (i deleted the lines manually) and my patch (to move the lines move the sliders at the top). Thank you again for your patience and attention, but i’m a beginner :P


logo png without lines out.png

In alternative, if i put another circle, white, under the red one, is there a way to make the polylines like TRIMS that cut the red circle and let see the white circle behind (just like a subtraction)?

ok, then like this…
I don’t really see the need for SVG when you want to end up in png. but you can use same approach with the SVG texture on a circle

CircleMaskExampleTransperencyPNG.v4p (17.9 kB)

one moment !!! first of all, i need svg in order to get better quality and because in a later moment i need to operate it in Illustrator, but the node CONSTANT does EXACTLY what i want!! Is there a similar node that operates with the SVG view box?? If yes, it will be perfect :)


you are welcome, how did you end up doing it?

Exactly like you did in your last patch, but at the node ‘constant’ i linked the SVGtexture, so there’n no change of quality in the export :)!!! i link the final patch so you can see it. Thank you again :) (and sorry for my bad english, i live in Rome X) )

generative logo (circle).v4p (87.9 kB)

Sunep, I’m sorry, but i didn’t notice a problem, that is the texture in the EX9 view is VERTICALLY REFLECTED :(. How can i fix it? here is the patch, i’m sorry…

generative logo.v4p (89.7 kB)

scale is your friend

generative logo-scale.v4p (91.4 kB)

Thanks a lot sunep :)