Delete double values in a slice

I need to delete all values in a spread that occur more often than once.
Any ideas would be great!

maybe Unify (Spreads Sets) ?

Hi joreg!
Thanks for the answer! As I’m relatively new to vvvv I don’t get it, how to use Unify (Spread Sets) to clean up my Spread. What do I have to put in there at Input2?

What I want to achieve:
Spread before: 1 - 0 - 2 - 2 - 3
Spread after: 1 - 0 - 2 - 3

I’ve attached my (poor) attempt - maybe it helps?
Thanks again :)

DeleteSlices.v4p (2.0 kB)

have you seen the helppatch? just put your spread in one of the inputs (or in both probably,…you’ll see) and out comes the cleaned spread

Ah, now I got it. Thank you!

Hey there!
Once again a question concerning multiple values in a spread.

Thanks to joreg I am now able to delete multiple values. But Unify (Spread Sets) sorts the output! I need my output unsorted, like in the example above:

Before: 2 - 0 - 3 - 3 - 1
Desired: 2 - 0 - 3 - 1

Unify: 0 - 1 - 2 - 3

here is a pretty simple solution using intersect.

DeleteDoubleValues.v4p (3.4 kB)

cool approach.