Delays of 1 frame in subpatch


Maybe it’s a well known issue, but I don’t know how to find it in the forum or the documentation.

Sometimes, in a subpatch with loops (with framedelay) or where results are dependant of data from a particular frame (not the frame before, not the frame after, else result is bad), I can observe delays which cause bad results of my subpatch, so bugs.
These delays seem to be delays of 1 frame only.
To debug, I open my subpatch and connect some nodes to see what happens. Then the problem disappears (not every time, but it happens) ! The only observation solves the problem (like in quantum mechanics, observation change results). As if vvvv was more strict concerning the frames when the patch is opened/in activity.

Sadly I have not any example to show you, because problems usually occur in complex programs (in a subpatch of a subpatch of a subpatch…) and I do not succeed to isolate them in more simple patches. And I believe it can also be dependant of the framerate.

Does somebody else experiment this kind of problem ?
Maybe I patch in a wrong way and shouldn’t write some things to the nearest frame ? What advice could you give me ?

Thank you,


mainloop is used for that i guess

hi mathieu, I m avoiding now a maximum the framedelay node ( a lot of troubles from it). you can try to use a bigger delay than one frame , to avoid troubles. or maybe the mainlopp (outputing number of frames) can be a good thing to make a S+H of your values. This is of course complicating the patch, but maybe an alternative to this bug.

Thank for your answers,
So I will look at mainloop.