Delayed video over four monitors

i am new to this forum and the capabilities of the product.
i have a client who wants to take a video loop of the ocean, and distribute it delayed over four monitors so it looks like he is in a cabin on a cruise ship, looking out the portholes. He doesn’t want the same view on each screen, but a slightly delayed view on each monitor. Believe it or not- does this product have the capabilities to do anything like this? Thank you.

Yes, vvvv can do that.

is there only one “flavor” of VVV?, or is it a one size fits all type of solution. What would you call what i am trying to do?, and where would i find that capability in VVV. thanks so much.

Yes, vvvv is a toolkit, the only flavors we have is 32 and 64 Bit. You need to build something use-able yourself with it (or with our help offcourse).

Now, if your client has 1 loop of the ocean, and you want to show them, starting at different times, wouldn’t it be way more easy to just edit that loop so you have 4 loops?

On the vvvv side, yes, you can play 4 videos at the same time, and start them with an offset, (just look at the helpfile for VLC player node) or go deluxe and use a Queue (EX9.Texture), not sure how many frames it will hold.

But your limitation will be hardware, you need (at least) 4 ouputs! So a fat PC or a Triplehead2go. And playing 4 files might be smart to use a SSD. For naming, ehhh… dunno… videowall perhaps? (although they are not stacked).

or use a queue as a buffer or play the same file with offset

playing video on four monitor with slight delay is easy with vvvv.
maybe even better solution would be to use raspberry pi with omx player - you will get the same results much cheaper, with smaller form factor and lower power consumption.