Delayed playback possible?

Hi! Discovered VVVV today and immediately got curious if I might be able to use it for an art installation I’ve been meaning to do for ages.

Would this be theoretically possible?

→ I want to record a live camera and at the same time play back its video stream. But: I want to start playback after a given interval, let’s say 30 secs after recording started.

You could record frames to disk and then play them back, you might need to think about deleting files or overwriting them in a loop I guess. But yes, should be possible.

Thanks @catweasel !

If I may ask for a quick guess, would you say it sounds possible using vanilla vvvv nodes, or might I have to look into the world of NuGet? (Somewhat of a non-coder, I’m trying to evaluate the complexity of this project before I go down the rabbit hole.)

Yes all you need is a file texture writer and file texture reader, either stride or skia, (I’d use stride)
If you look in contributions there is a vl.nrt which does file writing to sequence, which you could use to start you off.
You just need to make some logic to overwrite the same files and make use you aren’t reading and writing to the same file at the same time.
Should be quite a good beginners patch.
Quick tip In stride you need to use a texture converter node to make the texture 24bit, (r8g8b8a8) for the writer to work
Good luck and if you have issues post back with your patch

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