Delauney Purple Node

Hey guys,

I’ve been experimenting with vvvv gamma lately and I’m now patching a little project.
I’m using OpenCV to detect the contours from an image and to spread points on it, and I’m now trying to connect the points to create a Delaunay Diagram.
I’ve taken the Help Patch as a reference for the diagram creation but the node has now purple contours, and I’m not really sure what I should do with it.

I’m quite new to VL and gamma so I don’t know how I should tackle this problem, so any advice would be more than welcome. :)

a purple stroke around a node means that it is encountering a runtime-error. if you hover it with the mouse it will tell you more. what does it say?

Hey Joreg, thanks for the reply.

Here’s what the node tells me if I hover over it. If I open the node I also have another runtime-error.

ok, unfortunately this is a rather generic error. i assume that the voronoi algorithm cannot handle your specific input of points for some reason. any chance you can upload the patch + image you’re using?

Sure, here’s the patch and the image.
Thanks again for the help, it’s greatly appreciated. :) (153.4 KB)

ok, seems the delaunay is overwhelmed with you 18k points. if you reduce them using a resample like this:


it works.

maybe @darrellp (who wrote the voronoi code) is still listening and has a comment…

Ah yes, that works. Thank you for your help Joreg, have an awesome day!

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