Delauney memory leak


Is it possible that the Delauney node has a memory leak which causes vvvv to fill up the ram and crashes after a while. It takes long but i think i observed it now a couple of times, also by monitoring the process while Delauney is building a verrexbuffer…


there are a couple of different delaunay nodes. you’d need to be more specific. also without a demopatch…

Okey it is the Delauney (2d)

This is a modified version of unc’s polygonize fx module.
It appears here and I tested it a couple of weeks ago with another patch using the DX11 version of mesh (join).

So I come to the conclusion that it is this node.

I would like to test Delauney (2d triangle) but there is no help file how to use it…

Triangulate_Delauney_SSAO.rar (1.6 MB)

just the hint:

delauney (2d) is definately bugged.

delauney (2d triangle) works

hi tekcor!

actually: sorry, i cannot confirm this. i tried your example and it doesn’t leak over here.

anybody else who can confirm this?

hi, I just gave it a test, too.
Cannot confirm this as well. I had it integrating to 25 and memory kept stable.
Best, Julez