Delaunay fails with >21 Slices in Bin Size

More accurately, it does one or more of the following: stops to calculate, does not show tooltips for output pins, does not show up in the inspector. I was able to reproduce this with the attached patch; same with you?

delaunay_bug.v4p (3.6 kB)

somehow the attached patch doesn’t open here…

diki, what browser are you using? how do you do this?

however, i get an ‘out of memory’ exception. i found that the node creates an array of delauney classes with the size of the input spreadcount of the bin size input pin. each class allocates 1000000 triangle structs and 500000 vertex structs… ui. so what is a reasonable value for the two? what you suggest?

it was Opera, version 9.00 build 8501
i’ll update for the sake of the wiki

i guess the values you chose in the changelog sound reasonable; i don’t really have an idea on the sizes of more demanding operations, i’m currently using less than 1000 vertices. 20k should be enough for anybody ;)