Deinterlace in OpenCV VideoIn DX11

Hallo, yes, that, how do you deinterlace a 1080i stream from a Canon camera using Datapath Vision E1S, OpenCV VideoIn, DX11.

Isn’t there a deinterlace shader somewhere?

Maybe over the rainbow?

@desaxismundi just recently shouted out this page which has an example for a deinterlace shader. it looks rather simple though…

maybe this is of interest too.

hey io, post raw image of what is capturing, if you need more help

@antokhio @lasal this is a frame should be enough (?).

hey, will check tommo

… no text … (3.7 MB)

here you go.

Code found here:

edit: too late :) didn’t refresh the page.

DeInterlace.7z (8.8 MB)

OK!! Thank you guys, Bjoern solution seems to be a bit more performant but it lacks automatic height detection.
tx again
(should go to the addons or contrib.)

with “automatic height detection”

DeInterlace.7z (8.8 MB)

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