Deformation of xfile > Fishy!

Hai, Got the whole morph stuf sorted out, but having a new problem.
I want to let this xfile mesh (fish) swim. cause fish just…swim.
Anyway, want to give the xfile some deformation, without using any shaders and without the use of more morph targets. Anyone an idea?

Perhaps you could try arbitrary point (not sure, never used it on X-files).

CircArb.v4p (5.9 kB)

You cant connect arbitrarypoint nodes to a shader!!!
Trying to reproduce your mesh with arbitrarypoint and grid(dx9) is a possible way (if you don’t need the shaded look).
The other way would be to play around with vertices between vertexbuffers…I guess you’re using it in your morph patch…Have a look at the (dynamicmesh)folder from the Girlpower…But never tried it with complex xfiles, always started with a grid…

Thanks but not getting anywhere unfortunatly.
Xfile is a complex mesh including texture. Rebuilding with grid is not an option.
Maby some other options?

The Mister Wiggle Shader is already build and ready to use.

But great to read another Dutchy (or Belgium?) hope we can chat some day!

Good idea West!
Also have a look at Mr Twister attached here…more options.

Mr (4.0 kB)

allright well new problem, No alfa are passed to the wiggler or twister.
I attached the files so you guys can take a look. Model is copyrighted ;P.

Lol, must add the file:

No alfa??
No files too ;)

Try this one…
just a rough change…light isn’t working anymore…wait for it ;)

Now with colors…

MrTwister.fx (3.9 kB)

Works almost perfect,Thanks Desaxismundi.
Just one small thing, how can I change the direction of the wobble (its absolute to the Y direction (vertical)) to the wobble motion now stays always vertical.
Any idea?

Not sure about what you mean there…The wobble is a function applied to both X and Y wiggles (the horizontal and vertical pins allows to control both H and V wobble)…So maybe what you need here is the simple Wiggle…

Got it! just played around with the shader, changed the directions and voila. Thanks for the support. Will post the final result in a couple of days / weeks.

Good news! I’m looking forward to your results ;)

hi oidipusss, nice fish :)

i just wanted to know how you went about preapring that PNG file? is there documentation out there on preparing them in such a way?