Deferred Shadow self shading

could deferred shadow turn off self shading and keep only the projected shadow ?

self shading question-Renderer_2020.04.28-08.15.31
def shadow self (26.3 KB)

The question is what is self in this case?
But there are ways… Check ColorAndDepth node

Just in case you have’t sorted it… don’t think you even need anything like ColorAndDepth
def shadow self (59.5 KB)

i need a layer with the projected shadows only (green)
i dont need the shading part (red)

seems like both are part of deferred shadows contrib and could be separated

So you want something like shadow from invisible object?self shading question 2-Renderer_2020.05.01-09.24.08

def shadow self (8.9 KB)

just constant shading + the projected shadows

i need the clean shadow projection to add it to an augmented scene that is already shaded

Sorry, I’m on another project, you can send me in private screenshot of what you are doing, maybe then I can help you more…

From your description you can just mask shadows and multiply color after

image You can maybe switch the blend mode to add for an white sphere or blend for an black sphere->
image or otherwise use a second render pass with just the sphere

Also the self shadowing comes from the the Deferred Shadow Pass, so if you remove the sphere somehow from this pass you will lose your shadow on the ground.

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