Default Theme (dark.css) too dark: Bad visibility of frames, loops, symbolbrowser-background etc

I often struggle with the Default Dark Theme as many dark colors are too dark for most of my environments. On some screens and/or at night it might work okaish, but on most of the screens I am usually working on, especially on brighter rooms with sunlight, and especially with projections (e.g. in the classroom) it does not at all.

But also I don’t want to switch to the light theme as I want to stay on the dark side :)

Therefore I just overworked the dark theme in a lessdark.css which should work better in these environments.

I carefully would like to suggest to go more in this direction for a future default dark theme as especially beginners do not want to find out about how to change themes before.

Not tested with different projection situations yet. Will follow.
Also did not rework different Frames, only frame0 and still missing some details for sure.

Find the Theme-CSS here (for gamma preview 2021.4.0-0444 but should also work for stable 2021.3.3): (2.4 KB)

Thanks to sebescudie for the PreviewCapture.vl from


Hey there! Any chance you’d make a PR to the GammaThemes repo? Would be a cool addition!


really appreciate your effort @benju . i noticed the same thing - even though i personally like the dark theme, with regular projections in classrooms the contrast for regions, selection rectangles is just not high enough…

Yes. I was also thinking to ask you about. :) Just wanted to do some testing with real projection situations before. Already noticed that I have to raise the contrast of background and stroke of the IO-Boxes e.g. Also there are still some of the classes I don’t really understand what they are ;) But your cheatsheet was a great help, @sebescudie

Btw. how do I create different Frames in vvvv? I only find “Frame” in the NodeBrowser, but there are so many Frames in the CSS and your Theme Capture Patch. (Frame00 Frame01 etc…)

I also really like the dark theme, I hope my title was not misleading. :)
Actually this is why I was creating a theme as close as possible to the dark theme but with more contrast.

You can ALT + left mouse drag to create a new Frame, and from there click just bellow it to show it’s “menu bar”, and from there click on the palette to change the colors :


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