Default mousewheel behavior

Please change this from zoom to scroll.

you can do this via settings as mentioned here:

Ok thanks. One additional thing. Default scroll direction is vertical in vvvv and vl. But the modifier for horizontal scrolling in vl is Shift whereas in vvvv it’s Alt. Any reason?

PS: I think it would be nice to list all available settings in the gray book under settings. Explaining what each entry does.

@woei was there a reason for choosing shift over alt for horizontal scrolling?

regarding the settings we only have this so far: give us one more round of consolidation before we commit to the individual settings. some are not even working, some rather experimental… i’d not put too much emphasis on them yet. but of course still to come!

shift scroll is the same as in the browsers.
also horizontal scroll on a trackpad (two finger swipe) is being reported as scroll+modifier key shift on windows. so there was no need for extra code to get the trackpad scrolling as well

shift + scroll in firefox goes back and forward in history.

and i thought, i’m the only one left using firefox.

chrome and safari it’s horizontal scroll
firefox and edge is back forward

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