Deep colour

If a dx11 renderer is on a deep colour (>8bpp) video output, will it out output at the correct (higher) bit depth?

There is no option to choose format using this renderer

Additionally, has anyone tested the A2R10G10B10 format on the dx9 renderer?

i would say for the current directx11 workflow it depends on your graphic card. As for now the directx11 (standard) renderer doesnt support a true fullscreen mode (its just a borderless window) you need to use either a nvidia quadro or a ati fireGL card. Only this ones will support a 10-bit (“30-Bit Color Fidelity”) desktop environment over display port.
With a true fullscreen it should be possible to output to a 10bit display directly with a consumer card over DP or hdmi.

next thing would be the possibility to set the whole swapchain of the renderer to something higher as R8G8B8A8_UNorm. seems to be hardcoded in current implementation. that would mean youre sticked to dx9 for now.

but should no big deal to add such feature eg. to alternativ form renderer.

thanks for the info!