Decreasing/Increasing values as input - output of video, but two audio track - choice depending on values given. Please help!

Hi guys,

please I need someones help. I am first time vvvv user. But I need to use it for school project (deadline in couple of weeks).
I rather explain what I need it for first:

  • I will have sensor counting distance values
    (object vary on movement - so values will be from 0-126).

  • According to the input values, I will have projected animations play
    backward/forward depending in increasing/decreasing values given.
    (set keyframes, all same lenght, just need then to change randomly).

  • But, I will have 2 audio track for each animation.
    So I need somehow to tell the system, now are values increasing play Audio
    track 1, now decreasign play Audio track 2.

If you imagine, object moves toward sensor i get values 20,21,22,24> so I need to play video from keyframe 20 forward with audio track 1 (on position 20), but as object gets to 30, he start move outward and values will be 29,28,27< so I need video to play from frame 28 backwarg with Audio 2 on same position.

Any idea on how to? I was thinking if exists something that the audio tracks will play all the time with the video, just the unneeded will be mute, or somthing like that.

Please, help!

I found the postet question in this vvvv forum about increasing/decresing,
but still i need some help with my case. Thanx in advance.

You can write me also on emial

Cheeer, Sonia

Sonia, just first go to the documentation documentation
take a time with basic exercices. your problematic is simple if you receive in vvvv the values of your sensor. it is quite very simple.

you will need > and < nodes, wich are outputting a 1 value if the condition is reached.

about keyframe base, if you want to work with a sequences of images: you will need to use GetSlice (string) from the node Dir or the PictureStack (EX9.Texture) node (call picturestack and press F1).

if you are talking about video file, you will need to Seek the video file from the Filestream Node to a seek point corresponding to its length divided by 126 , multiplied by the value of the sensor.

be aware that the length of the video being an output, and this information being needed as input of the same node, you will need a Framedelay node to be used in the calculation that go in input Seek position Pin.

So to resume, what you need is:

Filestream > videotexture > quad > renderer

Nodes > and <

Node AudioOut

Node Map ( enventually)

Node framedelay

Node divide

karistouf: thank you. i will try that. i am already taking the exercises, and wathing tuturiolas. but it is hard for to find out which nodes are the ones i need. Thank you again, i’ll try and to the test and write how it worked.

hi sonia! you’re in Prague College isn’t it? there is a lot of people playing with VVVV here! And you can ask Andrej, at CIANT! The end of setember we are organizing an event in Dejvická, with interactive projection and video stuff. Wanna join?