Decrease export file size

When I export this tiny SKIA app, it exports at around 200mb I was wondering if there was a way to shrink it down? why are there files like VL.Fuse.vl.dll and openxr_loader.dll when I didn’t use those libraries?
DomatesClock.vl (107.8 KB)

the first thing would be to remove those references from your document.

after that you can try to use some .NET build flags to remove file size:

But for that you need to add those flags in the “Advanced Build Options” field, or use visual studio, visual studio code or the CLI to build your app, after you exported it once with vvvv to generate the .NET project files.

but there were some pitfalls, I think @bjoern managed to do that once, maybe he can add some info on the process.

How would I do that? They are not dependencies in my project.
Thank you for the quick response.

@tonfilm Another patch that I was referencing was using stride for nodes I wasn’t using, copying the nodes over and removing the reference brought the file size down to 70MB thank you! Next I’ll look into the .NET build flags.

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Also note that VL.Audio (which you’re using) has somewhat an unfortunate internal reference to VL.HDE which in turn pulls in a lot of dependencies. This will get fixed soon.

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