Decompose spread

Hi all,

I am new to gamma, although I am quite experienced in beta.
Question: Is it possible to decompose a spread pf positions, let’s say a line spread, in it’s xyz components and apply some transforms on it? And if so, how? Everything that used to work in beta seems to be a far cry in gamma, and the documentation doesn’t help at all.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The main difference when it comes to spreads is that you do your foreach operation explicitly instead of every node doing it implicitly like in beta.

This might sound a little bit cumbersome at first, but you will quickly learn that is much more powerful and the nodes itself are simpler to make and every node/patch can be “spreaded” with a loop:

Thank you very much: I will experiment with it and let you know. Btw. how did you know about that particular information? Is there a repo of tutorials somewhere?

From what I’ve heard that’s because he is one of the 4V in VVVV.

For help patch in gamma it’s the same as before, press F1. There is the Graybook for online documentation about gamma and the youtube channel.

Also this one is very good too :

and of course: vvvv tv

and the free courses here: The NODE20 VVVV Workshop Bundle - The NODE Institute

Hi guys,
thank you very much for the help and the links. Learning never ends!
However, I followed the tutorial and I created a Foreach loop. Now I’m trying to decompose the vectors, and connect them as in the attached image. Both the output of the y component and the input of the cos funtion are float 32, yet they are impossible to connect. It is very confusing why.

is the Cos node part of the region or just behind it? you can directly link into regions, but not out of them. you can place nodes into a region by holding the space bar while dragging the node.

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