Decompose faster alternative

Hi, is there any faster alternative for the decompose node to substract xyz position from a transformation ?

subtract any xyz or just ignore = 0?

and what do you want with that matrix afterwards?

if you only need translation, you can use * (3d Vector) which is quite faster

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matrix.v4p (13.4 KB)

Hi guys, thanks for replying.

I mainly need to substract xyz position translation from a big spread of tansforms and send the xyz via udp probably outside of v4. The xyz can be 0,0,0 too.

Subtracting like shown in the patch … if you only need the translation part of a matrix to later send via udp, use *3d vector as suggested by sebl.

as readme’s patch shows, just take the translation by -1 and skip the inverse. should be as fast as it gets

edit: the left part of readme’s patch. the right will not only set the translation to zero but also the last item in the matrix, which can result in weird things downstream

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great ¡¡

i,ll use that then, thank you guys.

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