Decoding Kinect depth data


I am trying to find out how to get the precise depth data out of a Kinect2. Working with Depth and DepthPipet obviously won’t do it. What I could find out so far is that Kinect images seem to be encoded in 16UC1.

So is there anyone who firstly knows what the heck 16UC1 is and how to decode or convert it properly for the use in vvvv?

Thank you all in advance

16UC1 stands for a a monochromatic image (1 channel -> C1) with 16 bit per pixel coded as unsigned integers.

i don’t have a kinect at hand at the moment to check for myself, but you should be able to Pipet the depth texture directly. from the resulting color, just use the RGB (Color Split) and choose the R value only to get the depth value.

You can also download the dx11.particles contribution und open the help patch of Emitter (DX11.Particles Kinect)

Thanks for helping out here! The DX11.Particles Kinect works fine!

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