Decklink dx11 red node

getting a red videoin in the decklink dx11 contribution
b342_64, win10 home 64, driver 10.7.1, no imagepack installed, mediaexpress working
maybe i am doing something wrong ?

Just loaded up for me with a the latest x64 beta and dx11 pack.

there seems to be a dx9 videoin node of this plugin (saw it on drag&drop)
that ~works, but not with the yuv2rgb from the inital contribution.
this is what it yields:

is there something i might want to reinstall ?

Could be that you haven’t selected the correct video mode. I selected bmdModeHD1080i6000 to capture a screen from HDMI.

any suggestion for red videoin node ?

try, dx under version < 1, there was a breaking change…

confirmed, works with 0.7