Decklink Antialiasing

Hey guys,
I´m trying out the new gamma plug-in for decklink cards and have some troubles with antialiasing. I´m using a Blackmagic Decklink SDI 4K card and have no problems with the beta plugin. Here is a screenshot:

And here the patch: BlackmagicTest.vl (17.1 KB)

Maybe someone has the same behavior and a tip for me? Maybe I missing just a node?


Make sure you have the latest version installed (and remove the old one from your local nuget folder):
nuget Install VL.Devices.DeckLink -Version 0.0.5-pre

And disable Convert on GPU, it has a bug that leads to jagged edges.

@elias: is this already tracked in github?

I just opened an issue:

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That works! Thank you :)

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