Decay is not working as I'd expect


I believe I’ve used “decay” node successfully in the past but somehow now I don’t get it’s behaviour.

Let’s say I configure the attach to 0 and the decay to 5. and then I bang value 5 into it. I would expect decay’s output to go immediately to 5, which it does, but then to decay back to 0 during 5 seconds. But actually it takes much much much more than 5 seconds to reach 0 again.

Why? What am I doing wrong?

Here attached is an example of what I mean.


strange decay example.v4p (3.7 kB)

if you input a 1 as trigger impulse it exactly runs 5 secs. if you put in a higher number (like in your example) you have to divide the decay time trough the multiply of the tigger input number (in your example you have to divide trough 5 = 1 sec. or trigger your input with a 1 and then everything should be ok)

have a look here:

decay_from_5_to_0_in_5_sec.v4p (3.2 kB)

m9dfuk beat me to it ;)

Seems like decay works with steps of 1.

strange decay example-1.v4p (3.2 kB)

got it. thanks!

it’s a less intuitive approach but it also makes sense. The help patch should be more clear, though.

Thanks m9dfukc and West!


The answer to that question has only recently made it into the node Reference of the Node in question. It is very convenient to use, just press Alt+F1 in VVVV with a node selected. Please use and expand it, and show other users that it exists to answer all their questions :)

Ah! Alt+F1. This is a great thing to know! Thanks!