Ive just finished a patch i have been working on for a potential client, the only problem is, my patch keeps freezing up when selecting between files. What is the best way to go about debugging this? Ive attached the said file.


Video Geometry.rar (10.9 kB)

I did it how I would do it- just minor changes. Its not freezing anymore.

Video (12.4 kB)

Hi Frank, Thanks for that, Im still getting a kind of freezing, the slice index changes but the file does not output, though i think it actually may be this laptop. Ill try a more powerfull desktop later.

Thanks again

I tried it again either and I guess its because hide-Mode is on if you start. After pressing “E” Ive seen the video.

Yeah, I had the “view” pin enabled when i tried. Tried t on another computer and it worked beautifully!:-)