Debugging subpatches / tabs

a problem I can’t get my head around: in a deep structure of subpatching when opening the patch on the lowest level it is opened in 10 tabs. which would indicate this (sub-sub-…)patch sits 10 times inside its hosting patch. but it doesn’t. its only sitting there once. looking into the finder i also only see one instance.
what else but instancing causes multiple tabs??

if opening one patch higher up in the hierarchy, but not the main patch, then diving all the way down (through subpatches) into the problem zone, i suddenly get the expexted behaviour - the lowest level patch opens only once. comparing the input pins everything is the same as above, yet … only one tab. confused

any help to sort this out appreciated!

ai mfo,

when in finder you enable the checkbox “M” for “search in modules”…would that explain anything?

i’m assuming that you open a subpatch that you think is not in use 10 times but actually is in some modules, which the finder hides by default.

the patches at the lowest two levels of the hierarchy are indeed modules.
however, even in modul view I see the subpatch in question only once.

hm,…i guess from here it is difficult to smell, whats going on over there. can you upload a simple scenario that shows this?

I found the reason. The same modul which contained the 10x opened subpatch (also a modul) was used in a basic configuration patch. the config patch was used all over my app, thus the subpatch in question existed 10 times.
confusing though that the modul containing it wasn’t opened in 10 tabs. it must have existed 10 times too!
also it is confusing that these 10 tabs show a patch that sits all across the board - on many higher hierarchy levels. but i guess that has to do with it being a modul?!

it has to do with the fact that we decided when you open a patch you’ll automatically open all instances of it so you can potentially compare them. with a large number of instances of a patch this sometimes becomes weird. but it should still always clear once you understand the idea behind it.

in VL we’re planning to take a different route with this where we’ll give you a dropdown-menu for each patch to choose between the different running instances to inspect…(still to be implemented though).

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