Dealing with multiple random video playlists

Hi there,

I’ve built a patch that selects videos at random from predetermined .csv files which function as playlists. The playlists are organised by content, and the patch listens for trigger words in the subtitles which trigger a bang to select a new file at random from the relevant playlist.

My issue is that sometimes the selected video will be shorter than the length between that bang and the next trigger word being hit, resulting in the same video looping. I’m trying to figure out a way of continuing to select random videos from the current active category if this happens, but have it then be over ridden by the next trigger word.

Does anyone have any recommendations or thoughts on how to handle a system like this? I’m looking at zip > unzip and then a switch for merging and then separating spreads which seems promising maybe, but I need a better understanding of flow control. perhaps theres a tutorial that springs to mind for someone

Any tips, reading suggestions etc appreciated. I’m learning vvvv to make this thing, and aware i need to properly understand strings a lot more before I can solve this.

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