Daylight projector

Hey guys,

I have a question. I’m planning to do an interactive installation which will start on afternoon. So since I will use a projector I worry about the brightness. The guy offers me 4.000 lumens, 6.000 and 10.000

should I use 10.000 or I can do it with 6.000 or 4.000?

Plus at some point it will get dark and I will use a Kinect in the installation, is it going to affect the tracking?

Thank you


how big will the projection be? when on the afternoon will it start? where in the world is it? what does afternoon mean?

I have before use Sun (Astronomy) to calculate when the sun sets and from then when it is dark enough for the projection to start.

Projection in regular daylight is really an up hill battle that you want to avoid.

Hey sunep,

The projection wont be big…just a wall probably 3 meters by 3 meters…6 o clock on afternoon in Cyprus…here it gets dark at 8…so I have two hours of daylight…If I can start at 8 I will…but if I have to start at 6 that means I need to figure out how to project in daylight…

well in short, you can’t project in daylight, at least not with anything approaching reasonably priced projectors.and 3 by 3 meters is, if using a 4by3 projector illuminating 12sqm which is relatively big in daylight… depending on if it is in the shade or the sun.

OK sunep…Thank you for your advices!

so overall if I use the 6000 lumens projector for a 3x3 meters installation at night I should be fine?

Yes at night it would be very fune, depending on what other light is there.

What I did was to simply test when the light was good for the projection to start, which in my case was when the sun was 4 degrees below the horizon, and then use Sun (Astronomy) to know when to turn on the projector.

You’ll notice that the sun probably will drop in brightness by a factor of 10x in the first hour and 100x in the second
You basically have no chance in daylight

Can you use vikulti film or other lens based screen (e.g. Fresnel + lenticular)

They have much better results during the day than a white screen because they only transmit (don’t reflect)
So your projector can be positioned to fight better

Hey elliot,

Can’t use any of the materials you mentioned…The provide me with partition walls…like this ones

Anyway I think this issue is solved…they agreed to start the projection at night…But always good to know solutions for problems like that…

What about the Kinect thing? Is it going to work OK at night? or will loose performance?