DateTime (UTC) to DateTime

Hi, I’m playing around with OpenWeather and the Simple Weather App help patch is kind of messed up on my end for some reason, so I’m trying to make it work.

One of the issues I ran into is that the DateTime (DailyReport) node is a DateTime (UTC) node, which means that I cannot connect it to the DayOfWeek (DateTime) node it was previously connected to in the patch (showed up as an error, which is why I’m trying to fix it).

Is there a way to easily convert DateTime (UTC) format to simply DateTime?
I’d really love to get this help patch to work for me :')

Hey, guess someone did not take time to review the help patches after the last update 😬

I’ll have a look and let you know here once done :-)

Thanks for reporting !

So, version 2.0.2 fixes the help patch, indeed this one must have been broken for a while :) Sorry and thanks again for chiming in.

The nuget should be available for installation in about 20 minutes or so. When you wanna install it, you can specify the version with

nuget install VL.OpenWeather -version 2.0.2

Just to make sure it does not install an older one from cache.

To answer your question, I’m using the LocalDateTime node to go to… local DateTime :)


Let met know if it works for you :)



aahhh, thank you so much, that was the node I was missing!

I think OpenWeatherVL is super cool and I’m looking forward to using it more, I’ll be sure to download the 2.0.2 version! Thank you for your work!

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