Datapath DL8, 4x, f4x, etc. max resolution in real world applications

the Datapath DL8 and 4x, f4x combination can support up to 32 outputs but I doubt any graphic card can deliver that many pixels on a single output.
So Assuming we want 1:1 pixel output and not weird upscaling, what is the best solution for 30+ outputs?
Firepro 6x DP -> 6x Datapath 4x = 32 outputs? (all fullHD) ?
6x boygrouped PCs -> 6x Datapath 4x = 32 outputs? (all fullHD) ?

Please share your multi output hardware solution.


I’d guess thats 32 x hd will be more than 1 card is happy to handle, 6 ps’s with 4 outs seems more reasonable, and would allow something more than simple patches to run! The Datapath only outputs 4 HD @30hz I believe, unless you use the DP version.

What kind of content ? video? realtime ?

I agree with 4 outs on each pc, but that gives me 6x4=24 ?