Datamoshing in vvvv?

Hi there !

I would like to know if there could be a way to datamosh a video in realtime in VVVV (cause this is really beautiful :3 ).

Datamoshing is a way to generate “artistic” video compression glitches by removing keyframes (or I-Frames) of a video file.

I will explain more clearly the way to do it using compression program.

  • first of all, keyframes (or I-Frames) are special frames which store a full picture (like a jpeg), the opposite is P-Frames, which store only mouvement of colored group of pixels (from the previous keyframes).

  • So, to datamosh a video file, I got to re-encode 2 video files to remove all the keyframes (just leave the first one, without it, the video file can’t be played) using ffdshow codec for example, which can do it.

  • Then I put the second video file after the first one and remove the first I-Frame of the second one (joining the last P-Frames of the first one and the first P-Frames of the second one)
    By this way, when the transition between the first part and the second one come, the videoplayer use the pixels mouvement of the second video file on the pixels groups of the first one, which generate a kind of remanant video glitch.

Here is an example :


So does anybody know if there is a way to do something like this in VVVV (using a special shader maybe) ?

interesting technique.
should be possible somehow.

unfortunately right now i have a pretty old machine (max PS 1.4…) and can’t use my old -BG+Key.fx. you may find it at user shaders ; strangely not at kalle.shader.

but this and IIRfilter (Texture) are also contained in the attached archive.

so Datamosh2.v4p is just a theoretical approach, couldn’t prove this.

Datamosh.v4p was some effortless playing-around; though it might inspire you somehow.

kalle.Modules.EX9.Texture may contain also some useful modules. (15.7 kB)

Michel wrote an optical flow shader, get it here.

Guys ! thanks so much !

I tried the optical flow shader but VVVV use to crash while I’m trying to use it (anyway my system isn’t very Healthly these days :| ) but I keep it and I’ll try to use it again after some system cleaning.

and kalle both of your datamosh patch are just amazing ! After some little modification (just some filestream nodes and switches) I get nearly what I was expecting (datamoshing on video transition) ! (I just need to practice a bit more on Datamosh.v4p but I get really amazing datamoshing visuals with it (a bit randomly for the moment ^^ )

So thanks again to both of you (I won’t sleep tonight xD) !!

love it!.. no text …