Database node

hey everybody,

i connected a database node to my database and it says ok. Than i connected a select(sql) node to the database node and now i am wondering to make it visible, what a kind of node i have to connect now?

hi I think you need to select the Select (MySQL) and press Ctrl I for the inspektor , there you set the output pins of your tables

select one of the MySQL-nodes and hit F1, this will bring up the helppatch which explains the (basic) usage of (nearly) all MySQL-nodes step by step.

okay, intresting. now i opened the help patch, give him the username etc. and there is no error. just select a table and get the content would be nice but the ioboxes are empty, status ok.

i tried several tables but its always th same…

i am not sure how to handle “SetOutputPins”, i tried id, because of its definatly existing in in my table, connect ioBox (String), but its empty :( …

okay, i got it, i only forgot to put some “” arround the table name. now its fine