Database node - Idea for improvement

Sorry to never be satified, but I read somewhere in vvvv web site
“to those not satisfied: you’re right, never be! we’re on your side”

So now the MySQL “database” node is working well again in vvvv 27, but with my patch I have to make a lot of request on my database and some rare but enoying times :

A request return “nill” whereas it should return something else. I think it’s because MySQL doesn’t succeed to execute the request, but the problem is that it’s impossible to make the difference between a true “nill” returned when the field asked is empty, and a “nill” returned when the database doesnt succeed to execute the request…

So it could be nice if the pin “status” was returning something like “error” in this case… Or the number of the error like in php the instruction : “or die(mysql_error())”

Thanks to all devvvvs,

would be nice if you could provide a patch which reproduces this issue. maybe with the default mysql database everyone has installed?

Hi Elias,

I tryed to use the " defaut MySQL database " without success, so I create a MySQL database on a free online provider, and I made the patch attached to try to reproduce the problem.

It seems to works well with this online MySQL database… But I cant send query as often as with my local database so it’s maybe the reason why it’s working well. (I explain more precisely in the patch)

I’ll try to find the problem by looking in the MySQL logs, but as I’m not an expert, if you have any idea, it would be welcome.


Database problem.v4p (25.3 kB)


I made some tests and looked at forum and it’s seems that’s the problem come from the high rate of request. However with php it’s possible to avoid that kind of problems, so I open this thread to speak more generally about the MySQL database node “status pin” :