Data Viz project - paid help, or someone to make it happen!

Hello again!

I have a project that has to do with data/info visualizations

There will be kiosk like device mounted on a wall. It will contain mid to high end Intel Nuc machine or Gigabyte Brix like machine, equipped with 2D barcode scanner/Camera and maybe a touch-screen (for future proofing).

The goals of the project are as follows:
Upon scanning the barcode depending on the ID/Name on it , the application will need to visualize data form MySQL Database. The Database will be either on a live server or dump file that will be on a removable device and will be updated daily/weekly.
The barcode is actually on the users access card that allows him to move around the building the machine ill be installed in.

Literally this all it has to do , scan code display what is associated with this code.

Visualization will need to include:
User`s name according to barcode data -> Active project associated with him and status of the projects.
Graphical example in the works atm.
Touch screen may be used to select and expand information about each item.
Also camera or other sensor is planned to know when the user leaves the Kiosk so it clears the screen.
Open to suggestions regarding interactivity - Leap Motion / Intel Camera gestural control.

In all honesty i know this could be done as a web based app, but i am looking for other options as in time the functionality may need to be expanded so vvvv seems like a good choice.

Need offer about time for completion and price of project.

If you are interested please replay here or

Best regards!