Data from processing

Hi all it is my first post.
I am beginner in vvvv.
I would like to “take data from proccessing” i mean i have sketch in processing which is open. I would like to take image and edit it in vvvv change color or something similar.I would like to do it every second/ i mean every frame in real time.
It is possible?
I saw something about 1.5 years ago one movie on YouTube where someone do that in vvvv(I am almost sure that was vvvv,now i can’t find that movie)

it would certainly be a lot easier if you replicated the functionality of your processing patch in vvvv or just manipulate your colors in processing… ;)

also: vvvvelcome to vvvv!

check the helppatch of ScreenShot (EX9.Texture). it allows you to grab portions of the screen and use as a texture in vvvv…

Hm ok I could do that in processing.
If i do it vvvv it would be my first project in it.

The next one i am thinking about is to use screen from processing and from blender3d and mix it.I mean have 2 layers and use “multiple” layer or “sceen”.
So i need to do it in vvvv.

If I use sceenShot it would be possible to see what is on screen,but what if i minimalize processing window?It wouldn’t work.Tell me if i am wrong.

I remember that in movie on yourube man minimalized processing window,so i think that he didn’t use screenshot function.

Maybe he used some kind of false serial port?

I wish I wrote link to that movie…

i think microdee is only person who can help you with that minimized windows, they do work with aero enabled

Maybe cross process texture sharing)-/-((blog:cross-process-texture-sharing-depth-rendering) is the way to go?

“they do work with aero enabled” what do You mean?
What is aero enabled?
Thanks bjoern i will try.
As i said I am beginner and i am a litte bit confused:)

i mean if you have aero enabled on win 7 ( Screenshot (EX9.Texture) will still work even if you have one window under another window