Dante Audio

I try to work with the Dante system and Play an AudioFile via Network.
The Dante system is set to ASIO and runs.
Unfortunately the audiofile is not played. Position = 0.

I tried different sound-files, but it never works.

Is there any trick I miss?

Does any output work? Like a simple Oscillator? And is the time of the audio engine progressing?

No. An oscillator does not work. Time in audio configuration also does not run.

Is there a patch with basic settings to get it work?

This means that the asio driver isn’t running. Did you set the right sampling Rate? And check the driver setup, whether it needs some configuration.

You can also test with another audio software, to see whether it runs there.

Otherwise @sunep has used Dante successfully, i believe.

First some questions.
Are you using Dante virtual soundcard (dvs) or Dante via?

If you use dvs, make sure you have other Dante devices in the network, either hardware or other computers running Dante via.

It you use Dante via, it should work, but I have not had it working for me with Windows 11.

Also make sure that the sample rate is set to the same as in the network, you can use Dante controller to see what sample rate each device is set to.

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