Damper bug with NAN

Had a bug with kinect2 skeleton dampers outputs NAN if input back to normal
can’t reproduce no clue how to create NAN input

In hlsl you have isnan(). Not sure in patch. Might ask Microdee- I noticed there is an avoidnan.v4p in one of his packs.
But it seems to be empty…

I met a NaN once as output of a, probably, native node.
Can’t remember the scenario, maybe the node was down an unevaluated patch; can’t reproduce it.

well i got this, not sure how to get it out tho

ValueDoubleIsNan.zip (5.1 kB)

oh yeah i wasn’t smart enough to find out which cases was NaN for double, antokhio might have it


it would be good to know if damper got fed with NAN or Infinity on its “Go To Position” or “Filtertime” input in the past.

for now i assume that damper doesn’t create such a special number by itself.

i now refined the damper so that it ignores these invalid values when fed to its inputs.

i added NAN and Infinity nodes to output these “special numbers” to be able to test the case.
(also now there is an AvoidSpecialNumbers node that filters them out.)

please check upcoming alpha

if you got a case where damper introduces NAN without being fed with such a thing please try to remember what you did