D.O.P.E. question and adding texture

Hum, i m exploring the D.O.P.E. pack.
I m puzzled to succeed to put a simple PNG texture on the constant(DX11.Effect). Nothing is showing up. I m adding a blend (dx11) node in blend, put nothing occures.

Any tips ?

Rasterize set to no cull?
The textuer has a size in the reader node/ appears with a preview? (Just troubleshooting thoughts)

hi catweasel ;) longtime :)

helas rasterize doesnt show anything in the dope nodes, just wireframe and front cull (black output of the mesh)

dx11 works ok aside, with basic filetexture 2d

So mesh is there but no texture… Does the shader have any error messages, like tex coords missing? Or if the mesh is black, is their a colour pin set to black, seem to remember some shaders defaults were strange in some old versions. Haven’t used dope since it first came out, despite thinking how great it sounded!
I’ll have a look tomorrow maybe…

thanks a lot catweasel. yes it looks great. still trying to find a way to use it on my next work.

i will greatley appreciate your help :)

no error from TTY renderer pointed, the constant shader dx11 returns ok.
if i input a layer with the texture, it is not affected by mesh work

2 others points;

  • have you got any idea on how to generate a 2d mesh or obj from a drawing in png ? from freetools or from VVVV
  • 50beta37 x64 seems also to take a long long time to open ( is it due to VL or from packs ?) 10mn… at least… for first opening. is it normal ?

cheers :) christoph

Ok, I’ve opened bones help patch, the ‘body’ of the figure is a constant set to black, so made it white, added a texture, and I could tell it was samplingonly 1 point. There is a IndexedGeometryBufferTriangleList node, that has a texture coo-ordinates input, which need to be specified, otherwise it will take 0,0 (top left).
I added the triangle output as the tc, and I get an image, although you’ll want to remap the range (from -1,1 to 0,1) and you may have to assign them manually for best results. Thats where your issue is I’m guessing though!

Yes ! thanks a lot catweasel !!! thats it !!!

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