Cylindrical projection

Sorry for the double post, I realised that my question better fitted here and I might easier find the right people to answer in this category.

Hello people,

I’m new to vvvv, checking out what it can do, and trying to figure out whether or not I can use it for a certain application.
A few things I’d like to know whether at all they are possible :

  • create 4 screens on two PC’s which seamlessly connect, with the end of screen 4 connecting to the beginning of screen 1. The screens should connect in the height. The content having a resolution of 1024x402 per screen.

  • import and play movies on these 4 screens, with generated content on top

  • texture a quarter of a cylinder for each of the 4 screens, with the content of the respective screen. I.e. : 1024x402 movie playing, 3d objects on top (with the same proportion showing on each screen) >>> combining that “output” as a texture on the quarter cylinder.

The project is a big cylinder on which 4 beamers project this content, each projector projecting 1 forth of the cylinder. The mapping onto a quarter cylinder before output is to compensate for the deformation when projecting on a rounded screen.

Any comments, hints, tips, clues to whether this is possible are very much appreciated.