Cylinder texture coordinates after transform

Hi! Im trying to recreate in vvvv this gif:

but I encountered a problem that I don’t understand. After spliting Cylinder and fold it back after using DeformByCurve, my texture isn’t displaying correctly:

I want a strup of 10 colours just like on the fragment of the cylinder below spiral ( before deformation). What I am doing wrong? (theses texture coordinates I simply copy from VertexBuffer example - no idea what they are).

Please help :(

My color spiral (41.1 kB)

Hello Martin,

instead of creating your own Texture Coordinates, just open the Inspektor for the VertexBuffer (EX9.Geometry Split) and turn on the ‘2D TexCoords’ for the ‘Texture Coordinate 0’. Then you can plug these texture coords into the VertexBuffer (EX9.Geometry Join) when you’re joining the mesh back.


You’re genius Anthon, thanks!


Color spiral ready (42.4 kB)

Hello Martin,

there are also some new examples on Dynamic Meshes, please check the newest Alpha builds and open this directory:

Girlpower\Graphics\DX9\Geometry\Dynamic Meshes