Cylinder DX11 Texture Problem

Hallo everyone!
I got a little problem when wrapping a texture over a Cylinder in DX11

see, it’s there in the middle

TextureCylinder.v4p (21.9 kB)

You can use ConstantProjection (DX11.Effect) with technique set to Object instead of the regular Constant (DX11.Effect)

there is a little issue on how the cylinder is built up code wise. when i remember right the texture coordinates are not mapped around the complete mesh or something with the indices, hence there is always this glitch on the last face. i fixed that earlier this year for a project but did not pull requested it yet. just wanted to revisit it in some spare time to make it right, but not managed till today. if you are in a hurry and can not find an alternative, i could post the code so you can compile yourself.
There is also a proper cylinder module in the noodles pack, that deconstructs the dx9 version and builds a IndexedGeometryBuffer with the data.

Thank you guys, CostantProjection was not exactly what I was looking for, but the cylinder in noodle pack works great, thanks!