Cutting a mesh/ connecting lines for a triangle

Hey hey
I’m trying to draw a triangle with only the sides (empty inside) for a looping animation but I can’t make it work how I need it to be.
If I use the mesh to draw the triangle, this is ‘full’ so I had to draw another triangle inside but this doesn’t let me have the animation I need… is there a way to cut the mesh?
if I use Line DX11 I can’t find a way to connect the lines together or getting rid of the shading for a solid coloring…
and if I use LineStrip Dx11 (geometry 3d) Im not sure how to change the thickness of the triangle…

Any help? :)


triangle_2.v4p (44.6 kB)

hei cristina,

i think you’re looking for Segment (DX11.Geometry) with Resolution of 4. this will give you your triangles…

Perfect! Thank you very much @joreg!