Cut connection with switch

At the moment I’m building a patch, that reads a file and parses it to a huge spread of doubles. When I checked the patch in debug mode, I realized that it is parsing the file every frame again, because there are output-pins of the the Reader-node connected to some inputs from parsing nodes and on every frame-change every connected output will be evaluated… That’s the main concept of a dataflow-architecture.
But in this case the values are not changing and so it’s obviously not useful to do the work again and again.
If I delete the connections between some nodes, it’s stopping the useless parsing and all the values are saved in an IO-Box, ready for use.

Is there any way / node to “cut” a connection if it’s not useful anymore? Something like the Switch node, but without changing my ready-for-use IO-Box in the end of the parsing-process?

s+h combined with Change may help you?

Yes, that’s it. Thanks for the tip. I just put a couple of S+H nodes into the process and connected them with the Read-Bang, so they are all triggered just one time, when the file is loaded.