Custom TUIO.dll for MultiTaction Cell MT420 or MT550 marker recognition?

Hi guys, I have a model of the MT550 MultiTaction Cell 55" for testing purposes. A very nice
screen with multitouch & marker recognition.

The standard tuio.dll outputs long numbers at the output pin UniqueID when
markers are detected. So far so good. But it’s just numbers counting up…it
not really a fixed ID for a specific marker (fiducial style & how it should be to really assign a specific marker to a specific object).

Is it necessary to to have the tuio.dll rewritten in order to get the real unique marker numbers?

thanks Jannis

Hi Jannis,

i can not reproduce/confirm the problems with vvvv/TUIO and Multitaction MT550.

We have a MT550 here and it works fine with the standard TUIO Plugin that comes with the Addon-Pack. We are using beta29.2 here !?

Is the MT550 set to TUIO-Mode ? If it is in one of the other modes, the TUIO-plugin might output the stange values you are describing !?


Hi Markus, thanks for the reply. I also use beta 29.2 and I tried some other versions as well. The MT550 is set to TUIO and I do get fine values for blobs (fingers) and when I place a marker that came with the screen the markers are detected and I do get values for the markers (the marker id is a much longer number then the id’s for the fingers). With a little filtering of the values I can seperate fingers from markes. Both values I get from the UniqueID output of the TUIO.dll
The problem is, that each marker should have the same ID each time (or a consistent part in the value) ? I get new ID’s each time something changes and I cannot see a consistent marker value in order to identify i.e. 3 different markes as apple, banana, and cherry.
Thanks Jannis

I can identify different markers (they all have different ID’s) but an apple is not an apple, the next time it is detected. Thinking of the fiducial concept each marker really having a unique id.

hmm … here an apple stays an apple.

And the ID is only 4 digits long, for example 1013, 1014.

We are using 4x4 markers, what size do you use ?

Hey guys,
I am evaluating this device since a while and would like to hear your conclusion as well. Maybe its me who is doing something wrong or this device is really as painful as it feels for me.

Did you also experience that the marker tracking is extremely jittery and almost not applicable to prepare a installation with it?

For me it starts already with the simple fact that normal printing paper seems to be not optimal in terms of IR reflection or transmission or something. I dont know exactly but it feels like you never find a setting in which the marker tracking works.

I tested one of the older devices for which it worked with very very large markers. Now I am testing a newer MT550 and it is jittery as hell.

Even if you get a marker almost stable recognized, the rest of the cards edges gives you jumping false-fingers. And sometimes it misunderstands the ID or tracks a not existing marker at an empty field of the marker-card.

Did you find maybe a good material to print the markers on? Or were you satisfied at all with the marker tracking or not?

Its good to see that I am not the only one working with that recently…

Best greetings