Custom meshes shown as Splinespreads in DX11

Hey guys,
I’ve got a understanding problem with the SplineBuffered node. In general I want to display a custom mesh like a sphere / box / torus (e.g. modified by vertexnoise) by radial spline curves.

Theoretically I’d say I have to take the vertex data from the modified 3d object and feed the SplinesBuffered node with a Circularspread via the “Control 3D Buffer”.

Resolution of mesh = Control Points Per Spline
Circular Spreadcount = Spline Count

I don’t really know if this is right. But I have some problems to test it because:

I wanted to use everyoneishappy’s “GetVertexData (GSFX)” to get the vertex data of my modified meshes. But unfortunately I don’t get any results out of it after I connected the node with a sphere. So does anyone know why I don’t get the information out of the connected mesh or has some hints for me regarding to this splines topic?

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This is not that easy, since mesh has triangulation indices, you will have many vertices repeated, you will be able to do this more easily if you create dynamic buffer 3D from a circular spread and use this as base for your effect.

hey antokhio, thx for the fast response.
It worked out very well the other way around as you suggested.
Thx for your help!

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