Custom effects within the PBR pipepine?

So after the first steps with low level shading in stride (MeshRenderer and RenderEntity), I am interested how to do everything within the PBR pipeline. As far as I understand I have to use a “stride model” with PBR Material for it to work.

Anyhow, I watched the stride deep dive from Node again, and tried to piece together the workflow for manipulating stride models within the PBR pipeline. Copied together some pieces of patches. (Node example not working with 2021.3.1)

So is this the way it works atm? @tonfilm

Does texture manipulation just work through TextureFX atm? I did not find another way to manipulate a PBR Material . And for geometry I have to use stride’s instancing pipeline with stride meshes. I can manipulate the transforms of the instanced objects, but what about the geometry itself?

there is currently no easy way to manipulate geometry on the GPU with materials. but you can use StreamOut as described here: Stream Output of Geometry Shader in VL.Stride

can you describe in more detail what you mean by that?

the input of the materials parameters are of type GPU<Float32> or GPU<Float4> this can be a single value (ValueIn, ColorIn) a texture (ValueMap, ColorMap), or the result of a patched shader (ShaderFX nodes). with ShaderFX you can build a graph of shaders that consist of any shader calculation of values, textures, inputs or stream variables of the pipeline.

have a look into the Create a Custom ShaderFX Node help patch.

if you give us a more detailed description of what you want to do exactly, we can probably help you better.

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