Cursor (system) show does not work


I try to hide the mouse cursor. I used the cursor (system) node with the show pin. But nothing happens if I switch it to 0. Do I need to do something else or additional? I testet with v4 45beta34.2 x64 and x86.

The problem came up because I have a simple touch screen connected via usb and vga :)
If it is used the curser always shows in renderer windows which is not expected to happen.

confirmed, the cursor show/hide is a bit tricky to use. internally the node uses the ShowCursor API:

This function sets an internal display counter that determines whether the cursor should be displayed. The cursor is displayed only if the display count is greater than or equal to 0.

a way to get it to work is shown in the patch which makes sure that on startup the value is set to false and each time you press SPACE the value is toggled.

also out of interest: which renderer are you using? because not that the DX11 renderer has its on config pin to hide the cursor!

HideCursor.v4p (2.9 kB)

The patch is working fine!

I was using the DirectX9 renderer.
Thanks for the info on the DX11. I did not know that.