Cursor Showing in DX11 Renderer After Camera (Transform Softimage) Created

I’ve noticed that I am getting a cursor on my renderer. I can replicate this easily by creating a Renderer (DX11), move the mouse over the renderer, and the cursor is not visible. Then create a Cursor node, and then, from that point on the cursor is visible in the renderer, even if you delete that node.

To get around this annoying behavior I have deleted the reset cursor part of Mouse (Devices Window Cyclic), and now my patches which use the Camera (Transform Softimage) in them don’t have the cursor in the window, when they shouldn’t.

Also noticed this with b34.1, that’s why I was still using b33.7 in the last project, as I didn’t have time to investigate.
Show Cursor-Pin of the DX11 Renderer wouldn’t have any effect anymore.

interesting. anyway the Mouse (Devices Window Cyclic) module which obviously causes the problem is gone for betas >34.1 and replaced by a new cyclic mode on the mouse (window) node.

Might have a whirl with an Alpha build and see how I go.