Cursor disappears when it is over directx renderer window

HI everyone,

I am just getting started with vvvv and I noticed this, it is a bit frustrating I am wondering what it could be? My mouse disappears as soon as
I put it over the renderer box, once outside of it it reappears.

I am using windows7 - At first I thought this was normal, but when I opened an example patch and it said to move the sphere on the renderer with cursor I realized that something was wrong.

its a feature, not a bug. you can make your own cursor with a quad for example. the renderer gives you mouse coordinates, which you could use to show your own cursor.

concerning the unknown example patch, not seeing a cursor doesnt mean the mouse interaction wont work. if the patch uses a mouse (window) node, you might need to click the renderer window first, before interacting

also there is a ready to use module for this: Cursor (DX9)

Ohh okay, thank you U7angel and joreg.