Cubic or triangular patterns of translation

hum… continuing in my " many question how to ":
vvvv is powerfull and many things are vvvvery possible.

but i m trying to get random translations paths, not based on smooth curves but on angled patterns…
bspline is my friend, is that right ? or is there another approach ?

Map (Value Interval) is also nice for interpolating lineary. might be easier to handle than the bspline …
@kalle did a cool simple timeline out of that node.

to be found at kalle.Modules.Animation

i remember a vvvvorum question of diki when he tried to do sth like this with a little more effort ;)

in france we have something named “d’utilité nationale” /of national utiliy. you are a phenomen, kalle ;-)

haha, yes i am indeed.
and now even 20% more better…