Cubemap background (with DX11)

I have been scratching my head and searching around as to how to get a background in a renderer and can’t seem to find a solution to this simple problem.

I am using MRE mdmod 2 and would like to have either a spheremap or cubemap in the background which is static, ie. doesnt move with the camera, very similar to the way the reflection map works. Like imagine you render something and it is floating in outer space with stars in the background.

Thanks for any hints.

Hmm, someone has to know how this is done. I can do the cube with texture of course, but the texture only shows on the outside of the cube and not if i just make a really big cube and my whole “scene” is on the inside.


Here is an example using uncs cubefx for dx11

Have fun

DX11 Cubemap, Cubefx (720.4 kB)

Thanks @tekcor, thats looking pretty good already! :)

Do you know why I can’t adjust the FOV of the camera!? It would be no use without that.


hm just use any camera. i just added this modified camera wasd for fun.
and i dont know how to change the FOV. you can propably copy the specific part from a normal camera module.